Sunday, January 10, 2010

Create PL/SQL Function And Call It From Your ADF Application

In many situations you need to create PL/SQL function in your database and call it from your application. This post will illustrate how to create PL/SQL function in your database and how to call this function. The next example will be applied in HR Schema which we will create a PL function that take an employee Id and return his name. Follow these steps:
1- Create new ADF Application assume Application name "UsingPLSQLFunction_Application".
2- Create new page assume its name "index.jspx".
3- Your Application should like this

4- Right-click in your model project -- > new --> ADF Business Components --> Business Components From Tables. Then Press Ok.
5- Choose you database connection (assume HR Schema).

6-Choose EMPLOYEES Table as an Entity. Then Choose Employees as Updatable view object. Then press in finish button.
7- Open your database navigator then open your application connection then right-click on Function then choose New Function.

8- Enter Function Name as "GET_EMPLOYEE_NAME" then press ok. 9- Write this function :




emp_name VARCHAR2(20);


select FIRST_NAME into emp_name from employees

where EMPLOYEE_ID=emp_id;

RETURN emp_name;


10 - Open your Application Module and generate AppModuleImpl file. 11- Open this file and write this function
import java.sql.CallableStatement;
import java.sql.SQLException;import java.sql.Types;
import oracle.jbo.JboException;

public String getEmployeeName(int empId){

CallableStatement cs=null;


cs=getDBTransaction().createCallableStatement("begin ? := GET_EMPLOYEE_NAME(?); end;",0);

cs.registerOutParameter(1, Types.VARCHAR);

cs.setInt(2, empId);


return cs.getString(1);

}catch(SQLException e){

throw new JboException(e);



12- Open AppModule -- > java --> client Interface then shuttle this function.

13- From your Data Control drag your function in the page then choose ADF Parameter Form.
14- Right-click in the generated button then choose "Create Method Binding For Action" then create a manged bean.
15- The commandButton Method will be like this
public String cb1_action() {
BindingContainer bindings = getBindings();
OperationBinding operationBinding = bindings.getOperationBinding("getEmployeeName");
Object result = operationBinding.execute();
System.out.println("Result= " + result); // result will be the output of PL function
if (!operationBinding.getErrors().isEmpty()) {
return null;
return null;
16- Save your Application then run index.jspx.