Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Using Skin In Your ADF Application

One of the important thing you can do in ADF Application is to enhance a look and feel of  the application. This can be done by using skins.

To use skins in your ADF Application you can follow these steps:

1- Make a new file with name (trinidad-skins.xml) under WEB-INF Folder.
2- Write this in trinidad-skins.xml

3-From tools --- > Preferences ----> Css Editor thin check to ADF Faces Extension (optional step).

4- Write a .css file under Web content folder (With name as you write in trinidad-skins.xml file. e.g. mySkin.css)

5-In mySkin.css file you should write a selectors that affect to an ADF component.
(for more information about selectors check this URL

6- In trinidad-config.xml change skin-family to "mySkin" as:

This an example for using skins in ADF Application


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