Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Deploy ADF Application To Glassfish (Step-by-Step)

In this post I will explain how you can deploy ADF Application to Glassfish server.

I made a document file explain this in easy way (Step by Step) you can download this file from this link


  1. thanks sameh for easy explained steps.
    but what about security. it is possible to deploy ADF application
    with ADF security applied ?

    1. ADF Essentials not includes ADF Security libraries. and one of the configurations of adf security done on the weblogic. but with quick search in google I found this link

  2. this is what I'm looking for. thanks again

  3. Are it is possible to depoly adf application on oracle application server with oracle forms at the same time.

    1. No you can't deploy ADF application in oracle application server.but you can deploy adf application and oracle forms in weblogic server

  4. Very useful blog , thank you for sharing .
    I want ask about compatibility !
    my env. as below :
    - JDeveloper 12c 12.1.3
    - i Report 5.0.1
    - Glassfish 3.1
    when i deploy application by Integrated weblogic is running without problems .
    but when i deploy application by glassfish is running too and fetch data as fine,
    but cannot running report !!
    I followed your tutorial step by step .
    Are there any compatibility issues in my above env. ?

    thanks .

    1. Yes maybe. Try to use older version of I report and use older jars file for example use IReport version 4

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  8. Dear Sameh,

    Can i make this work with ADF 12c

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