Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Oracle BPM: Set User as Administrator

How do you know if the user is admin user or normal user?

In Oracle BPM when the user login to workspace the administration link will appear if this user is Admin user

but if the login user is normal user this link will not appear

From the administration link admin user can assign users/groups to the application role or remove users/groups to the application role and user can do a lot of others administration functions.

To set user as administration follow these steps:

1- Login to em (http://serverIp:port/em) and login with weblogic user.
2- Expand SOA then right click on the soa-infra --> Security --> Application Roles

3- Press search icon and select "BPMWorkflowAdmin" then press Edit

4- Press Add icon to add and search for the user or group

5- The added user will be Admin user. If you add group the all users inside this group will be admin users

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